What’s JoWoCo?

JoWoCo is many things. First & foremost JoWoCo is a shameless shrine of self-promotion & unabashed self-aggrandizement [...and big words ;-) ]. Less importantly JoWoCo is where I can hone my skills, share my thoughts, promote my causes, and showcase my work.


Originally from Florida, which I claim is a bad version of California (flat, hot, humid, buggy), I graduated from Dartmouth and decided to pursue my doctorate in neuroscience at the University of Oxford.


I dropped out of my PhD program and travelled half way around the world to follow my tech dreams. The web is my passion and I love to make products look and sound as awesome as they function.


Now, I'm looking to revolutionize the time-consuming, annoying, manual task of scheduling with a project of my own: Assistant.to.